by Orionka

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You can call this a mediatation-session I made after carefully studying the technics of brainwave entrainment.
You need stereo-headphones and should listen with eyes closed.
In general it is meant for reconnecting to life in moments of autopilot, but Earthing has a broader spectrum:

It reduces stress and anxiety, increases creativity,
calms the mind and lets you regain focus.
It brings also up repressed memories and gives you the chance to bring order in a situation.

Earthing synchronizes your brain-hemispheres while listening and increases blood flow in the back of your brain. It induces a specific pattern that is also often found in advanced meditators.
It is meant to be really powerful but generally save to use. I did lots of testing on myself and others.
There are folks out there selling this stuff for ridiculous amounts of money while putting advertisement in their free products that lead you to an suggestive state.

Go listen to Breathing instead.
Regain strength, focus and creativity.
It's better than TV, it's your life, it's real!


released 26 March 2015



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Orionka Chemnitz, Germany

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